Dark Mirror Tarot is the culmination of over eleven years of tarot card reading experience into a service that provides answers for questions that sometimes seem insurmountable. I approach tarot as less of a spiritual experience and more of a practical one, using the cards as a medium through which to tell the story of a solution to a client's problem. To me, the cards are narrative art, and human beings often use stories to relate personal issues, finding comfort in their familiarity.

I'm Jes Richards, a lifelong writer and student of divination for over a decade. I started this business to help people find their way in life and because of my interest in occultism, the unexplained, and supernatural phenomena.

Disclaimer: These services are intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be used or interpreted as similar to or a replacement for medical treatment, therapy, or other professional help.

Privacy policy: The only information I store is the information you give me during purchases or when signing up for the newsletter. This is so I can get in touch with you regarding your purchases or send you the newsletter. All information is stored securely and is for my eyes only, as I don't have any staff. I don't keep or have any credit card information from any clients, and I don't store IP addresses. I will never, ever sell your information.