How to Phrase a Tarot Query

The majority of the "queries" I get are along the lines of "Oh, just a general reading is fine," which is great. General readings can often illuminate problems we've been ignoring or didn't have a clue how to solve, things we aren't always thinking about. They can also pave the way for more questions, opening up new avenues of discovery.

My personal theory on why the "general" reading is so common is because most folks who have never had a reading done before don't know how to phrase what they really want to ask. I'll admit, it can be tricky to find the right words for a specific issue. If you've ever struggled with what to ask your reader before the shuffling begins, I'm here to help you with a formula that'll work:

  • Categorize
  • Specify
  • What, How, Why, Which?

When you first sit down in front of your reader with the desire for an answer to your problems, think about what category your question belongs in. Are you asking about health? Your career? A new romance? Your family? Travel? Pick a general topic that suits your idea. If your query fits into more than one, that's fine. You don't have to pick a dominant one. Just categorize what you're looking for before you start.

Next, you'll want to get specific. Narrow down your category to a concern, a want, a need, a feeling. If it's about travel, maybe you want to know how the trip will go or if it's the right time to take a vacation. If it's about your career, you might be trying to choose between two job offers. Maybe your extended family is fighting and you want some direction to solve the feud. Keep the individual facets of your question in your mind as you head into the next step.

When you phrase a question, it may be tempting to go the yes-or-no route. "Will I get the job I want?" "Is my new boyfriend cheating on me?" "Are my kids ever going to get along?" While you can certainly barrel ahead with a yes-or-no question, you're probably not going to end up with the answer you're looking for. Nothing is ever cut and dry with the cards. While they may at times be straightforward, they're not going to hand you a black-and-white response. Try, instead, to phrase the question using one of these question words: what, how, or why.

When you ask "Which of these jobs is right for me?" or "Why do I feel like my new boyfriend isn't being truthful?" or "What is causing my kids to fight constantly?" you open up cards to tell the story you deserve to hear. Instead of a muddled response based on a yes-or-no query that doesn't quite answer "yes" or "no," you'll have accessed the cards' rich repository of knowledge that can impart the advice you seek. It may not be what you want to hear, but it'll be a potential solution to your issue, in greater detail than "yes" or "no" can provide.

I hope this helped you out with phrasing your next (or maybe first) tarot query! If it did, let me know below. If it didn't, also let me know below. If you want to learn more about the readings and services I provide, shoot me an e-mail, and if you really, really like me, go follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Thanks for reading!