Tarot Readings at Events

Tarot readings are often imagined as intimate, one-on-one session between reader and querent, a personal, solitary service with a somber tone. That scenario is the absolute opposite of my personal and professional experience. One of my favorite jobs was a party I worked where a group of friends sat around a long table listening to and observing their friends' readings. It was loud, energetic, and incredibly insightful, which is why I highly recommend considering having a tarot reader at your event, be it a girls' night or a wedding reception.

Events for a Tarot Reader

tarot party inpost.jpg

Most gatherings are prime for some form of entertainment. It may seem oddly anachronistic to hire a tarot card reader for a modern-day birthday party or a post-grad get-together, but it's something a lot of people are either completely new to or have wanted to experience but haven't had the opportunity.

My biggest suggestion for an event? Bachelorette party. It's a ceremonial marker of a life in transition, the perfect opportunity to ask questions of the cards. Graduation parties and wedding receptions are runners-up for the top spot, both marking the end of one path and the beginning of another. I wouldn't necessarily recommend a wake or a funeral, but if it's something the deceased was passionate about, you might be all right having a reader there. Any kind of transitional event is a wonderful event for a tarot reader.

Having a reader at your party won't just give your guests something to do, it'll get them talking. Good conversation is the cornerstone of any memorable party. One word of warning: if there is conflict between guests that would rather not have aired in a group setting, either don't invite them or don't have a reader. The cards have an uncanny way of digging out hidden drama (at least, mine do).

If you have questions about what kind of services are available at the tarot parties I host, you can check out this page or send me an e-mail!